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10/04/2019 - Tracking Page Released

REACT’s Create Tracking Page feature is now live! Create Tracking Page enables you to build branded shipment tracking pages in minutes, with no coding required.

Each REACT tracking page is a customisable microsite, hosted by Sorted, that displays status and event information about an individual shipment. Your customers can track their order simply by visiting the link that corresponds to their shipment.

More Information:

For information on setting up tracking pages, see the Creating Tracking Pages page.

18/03/2019 - Shipment Tags Released

REACT now enables you to tag individual shipments. A shipment tag is a text identifier that can be used to categorise shipments.

Shipment tags can be used in conjunction with webhooks to fine-tune the updates REACT sends out, enabling you to build webhooks that only fire when a shipment with a particular tag enters a selected shipment state.

More Information:

For information on tagging shipments, see the Registering Shipments and Updating Shipments pages.

For information on using tags as a shipment filter selector, see Managing Webhooks.

28/01/2019 - REACT Launched

REACT is now live! This page will list changes to REACT, enabling you to keep track of new features.