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Address TypeThe relationship of a particular address to a shipment (e.g. origin / destination / billing etc.).
Calculated EventAn event that is generated by REACT’s internal processing, rather than as a result of an external tracking update. For example, a calculated event is generated when REACT marks a shipment as late.
Carrier ConnectorA UI feature that stores your carrier tracking credentials, enabling REACT to get tracking information from your carriers.
Custom ReferenceAn identifier for a shipment, for example an internal order number or SKU. Each shipment can have multiple custom references.
EventAn object containing details of a change in certain shipment properties. For example, if a tracking file received from a carrier caused a particular shipment’s status to change, the details of that change would be recorded as an event.
Registering a ShipmentThe process of recording a shipment’s details, enabling REACT to track it.
ShipmentA singly-tracked consignment of goods that are being shipped together from a single origin location to a single destination location.
Shipment IDA REACT-generated unique identifier for a particular shipment that can be used throughout REACT’s APIs.
Shipment StateA shipment’s current status, updated as shipment events occur.
Shipment FilterA list of shipment states, calculated events, and tags that acts as a webhook trigger. When a shipment meets any of these criteria, any webhooks configured for that filter will deploy.
Shipment TypeFor example, delivery, return, pick up, drop off, combined drop off / pick up, or return drop off.
State LabelA custom snippet of text that can be used in place of a standard shipment state name. Shipment state labels enable you to explain shipment states in your own brand tone of voice, using language that your customers will understand. For example, you might choose to rename “Out for Delivery” to “On Its Way!”, or similar.
TagAn identifier that enables you to associate related shipments (such as all shipments of a particular product, or all shipments of products on special offer) with each other. Tags can be used in conjunction with webhooks to fine-tune the information REACT sends to you.
Tracking EventA shipment progress update received from a carrier.
Tracking PageIn REACT, a customisable microsite, hosted by Sorted, that displays status and event information about an individual shipment. Your customers can track their order by visiting the link that corresponds to their shipment.
Tracking ReferenceThe carrier’s reference for a shipment.
WebhookAn automated message sent whenever a particular event occurs. In REACT, webhooks are triggered by changes in shipment state. When a shipment assumes a selected state, the webhook deploys.