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User Management

REACT’s Account pages enable you to manage the users associated with your organisation’s REACT account. This page explains how to invite new users and how to revoke user access.

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Inviting New Users

To invite a new user to REACT:

  1. Select Account > Invite a User to display the Add User page.


  2. Click the Add User tile.


    The Add a New User page is displayed.


  3. Enter the First Name, Last Name and User Email of the person you want to invite. You cannot use an email account that is already associated with a REACT account.

  4. Click Invite to send an invitation email to the address entered. REACT creates a tile for that user on the Add Users page.

Invitations are valid for 24 hours. To re-send an invite, click the Re-send Email button on the user’s tile. This button disappears once the user has registered their account.


To revoke a pending invite, click the Delete button on the user’s tile, and then click Yes on the confirmation dialog. The previously-invited user will no longer be able to register for REACT.


Responding to Invites

To register for REACT, users must:

  1. Click the Accept Invitation button in the invite email within 24 hours of the invite being sent. If the user does not respond within 24 hours then they will need to request a new invite.


    REACT displays the Register page.


  2. Enter the following information:

    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Password (requires confirmation)
  3. Select the Agreement check box and click Register to finish confirming registration details. The newly-registered user is logged in and taken to the States dashboard.

Removing Users

To delete an existing user account, click the Delete button on the user’s tile and then click Yes on the confirmation dialog. Deleting a user permanently revokes their REACT access. The user would need to be sent a new invite in order to re-gain REACT access.



You cannot delete your organisation’s primary REACT user account (i.e. the user account that was created during the initial customer setup process).

Next Steps

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